Castile vs. Foaming Soap

How Do Castile and Foaming Soap Compare?

How They're Alike

  • Both are made with 82% organic ingredients and are certified under the USDA's National Organic Program.
  • Both are made with a base-oil blend of organic vegetable oils.
  • Both are saponified using potassium hydroxide.
  • Both provide an ideal balance of lather and moisturizing for use all over the body.

How They're Different

Foaming Soap is ...

  • made specifically for use with a pump dispenser.
  • formulated to be the ideal hand soap, perfect for the sink and the counter.
  • a surprisingly tough grease remover. Maybe it's the scrubbing bubbles. Read more about the wonder of Foaming Soap here.

Castile Liquid is ...

  • formulated for multiple uses.
  • right at home being used every day on hands and body.
  • equally effective in the kitchen and the workroom; on dishes and floors, on walls, woodwork, and carpets.
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