Custom Soap

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Custom Production Soap (Made-To-Order)

Made-to-Order soap is bar or liquid soap we make for you from scratch according to the formula we develop together.


  • Multiple size options ranging from 0.75 oz to 6 oz
  • Minimums as low as 360
  • Full scent & color customization
  • Custom label printing
  • Packaging size options from bottles to drums
  • Minimums as low as 25 gallons total
  • Wide range of viscosities
  • Custom waterproof label printing


There’s no one in the industry quite like us, able to produce short-run and high-volume orders with ease. We'll make as few as 360 bars or as many as 20,000-plus.

Botanie Soap is the leading manufacturer of custom bar and liquid soap in Short Run Production quantities. For bars, short run means less than 25,000 units, and for liquid soap, short run means less than 600 gallons (12 drums).

Most customers order 1,000-5,000 bars or 50-200 gallons (1-4 drums) at a time. This keeps your inventory fresh and your cash flow strong.

Need less? We have some of the Lowest Minimums in the industry.

We specialize in providing flexible ordering options for you. We understand your business's needs and the frustration of inconsistent supply. We guarantee every custom soap order is on time and as expected.

Most importantly, we think of ourselves as your business partner. Our goal is to see you succeed.


Tell us about your custom bar or liquid soap project!
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A note about your phone number... Some people are uncomfortable giving it out, so we don't require it. But if you are interested in custom soap production, it's important that we can talk. Your project will progress much more quickly.