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All-Natural Castile Soap in Bulk

Choose from 6 scents and an unscented option of liquid castile private label soap, and your order will be shipped in 2 business days.
Request custom manufacturing to get a unique all-natural liquid castile soap.

USDA Organic
Oregon Tilth
Leaping bunny

Sell our tried and tested products as your own.


Enjoy low minimum orders, all-natural products, and fast turnaround. Opt-in for pre-printed ingredient labels and print-you-own labels.

Custom Manufacturing

Develop a unique product to match your requirements.

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We also offer foaming and bar soap

Request our sample set with free delivery to see our entire portfolio.

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Why don't you provide bottles?
We've found there are simply too many bottle styles (shape, size, color) and an even larger variety of caps and pump styles to stock all the varieties customers are looking for to create the right look for their brand.

Do you produce bar soap?
Sure! We offer 15 scents of bar soap in 4 and 1-oz bars for private label use. You can also request the custom manufacturing of bar soap.

What is the minimum order size?
1 gallon for liquid soap and 48 bars for 4 oz bar soap. You can mix and match the scents; choose only what you need. The bigger the volume—the lower the price per item.

Do you put the bars in boxes?
Hotel-size soap automatically comes in Kraft boxes. We do not put 4 oz soap in boxes, but you may order the boxes from our store to package yourself.

Can I buy just boxes or labels without soap?
Sure! Soap boxes, soap labels, blank sheet labels.

I'm new to the business. Where do I even start?
Order our samples, and while you wait for the delivery, check our blog section on starting a soap business:

Are your products organic and natural?
Our products are all-natural. Our bar soaps are 84-85% organic, depending on the blend. Our liquid soaps are 80-82% organic. It is technically impossible to make soap 100% organic.
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