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Wholesale organic soap with your custom label

  • Bar Soap
  • Foaming Soap
  • Liquid Castile Soap
Wholesale organic soap with your custom label Terra Firma Soap Co. and Triple Orange Body Bar are both fictitious creations. Any resemblance to actual companies or products is purely coincidental.

Need custom soap manufacturing?

Westside Food Coop is a fictitious customer. Any resemblance to an actual company is purely coincidental.

Private label packaging options - make it your own...

  • Soap boxes
  • Ingredient labels
  • Print your own labels
  • Custom printed labels

Bulk organic soap bases & cleaning products

  • Bulk liquid soap
  • Bulk soap making bases
  • Wholesale organic cleaning supplies
Bulk organic soap bases and cleaning products

Soap making ingredients & tools

  • Essential oils
  • Organic herbs
  • Fixed oils (carrier oils)
  • Lye for soap making
  • Soap making kits
  • Soap making tools

At Botanie, we have soap for ALL your needs.

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