Ingredient Change – We are removing Safflower from our bars and replacing it with Sunflower. We are cycling thru bars that include safflower until we are 100% sunflower; the correct ingredient list for the lot of soap you are receiving will be included in each shipment.

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Need soap? We’re the leading B2B manufacturer of all-natural bar soap and liquid soap for private label use.

Bulk Ready-To-Label Options
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Whether you're buying one case of stock blends or multiple pallets of custom soap, we're here to help. We offer two distinct divisions to meet your needs.

Ready to Label Bar & Liquid Soap

Bulk, Wholesale

LESS than 1,000 total
LESS than 100 gallons total
  • Shopping for LESS than 1,000 bars total
  • Shopping for LESS than 100 liquid gallons total
  • You need fast turnaround
  • You want to mix-and-match from our stock bar and liquid soap selection
  • You’re ready to package and brand it yourself!

Custom Soap Manufacturing

Made To Order

1,000 or MORE
100 gallons or MORE
Custom soap
  • Seeking MORE than 1,000 bars per SKU
  • Seeking MORE than 100 liquid gallons per SKU
  • You are inquiring from an established business
  • You need customized soap with full service finishing
  • Your current soap provider isn’t cutting it


Your Competitive Advantage.

Whatever your promise to customers is, Botanie helps deliver.

Our team brings the expertise in formulating and manufacturing so you can focus on what you do best: Making your brand shine.


"Working with Botanie has been one of the best decisions we've made for our company. They are knowledgeable, attentive, and always helpful. They have helped us take our business to the next level!"

R.S. Custom Manufacturing Client

"Botanie has provided a resource for my business product needs and educational support to help launch my products."

Phelesia. Ready-To-Label Client

"As the purchasing manager for a well-established online retailer, I would like to recognize Botanie Soap for their soap quality, services, and turnaround time."

Chirag. Custom Manufacturing Client

Looking for a Contract Manufacturer and Custom Soap Development?

*Contract manufacturing only available to clients with order sizes of 1,000 or more bars per SKU and 100 gallons of liquid/castile per SKU