Soap contract manufacturing

Delegate the entire production process of soap from prototyping to manufacturing. Enjoy high volumes, 20+ years of industry expertise, and several quality certificates. Join hundreds of soap brands confidently outsourcing soap production to us.

  • Customized bar soap scents, colors, and sizes
  • Customized liquid soap scents and viscosities
  • Fully packaged product ready to sell as your own
  • Looking for volumes lower than 1’000 bars per blend or 100 gallons per blend? Visit our Wholesale Bar Soap and Liquid Soap collections.

Soap contract manufacturing process


Get in touch with us to discuss your product requirements. This is the starting point for developing the product concept.


Our production engineers will turn your product idea into physical samples and send them for your review.


We will guide you along the packaging development process and help you set up the procurement.


With the bill of materials defined and approved, we will prepare the quote and schedule the production run.


We will produce the entire batch using our lean processes and send it to your warehouse or 3PL partner. 

Soap contract manufacturing solutions

You will enjoy working with Botanie Soap


We’ll be happy to guide and advise if this is your first custom development project. We’re experienced enough to talk at eye level if you are a Fortune 500 company.


We take production planning seriously. Our lean processes and experienced team allow us to state confidently that we ship on time.


20+ years of experience, hundreds of clients of all sizes and genres, reliable supplier base, tried and tested processes. We’re excited to share all of that with you.


Our capacity is big enough to ensure a consistent batch of 20,000 units or to quickly find a production spot for a small run of 1,000 units.