Ready to Label
  • What is Ready To Label (formerly Ready To Ship)?

    In our Ready To Label division you can purchase bar and liquid soap for your brand right from our website. Select from stock blends and flexible packaging options to get the products that are right for you. With low minimums and fast turnaround, we have everything you need to launch a high-quality organic soap line for your brand in just a few clicks.

    For more information check out our Ready To Label Overview

  • What are the Ready To Label packaging options?

    In our Ready To Label division we offer flexible packaging options, including a selection of soap boxes, pre-printed ingredient labels and blank sheet labels to print at home.

    We do not print or label boxes in our Ready To Label division. Those services, as well as other full-service finishing options, are available in our custom manufacturing division.

  • Do you offer samples?

    Yes. See the "Sample Set" page to purchase samples of our Ready To Label soaps. The set includes bar soap, liquid soap, and an example of each color of our soap boxes.

    (Custom Manufacturing has a separate process for developing sample batches and prototypes. See the Custom Manufacturing FAQs for more information.)

  • What is your Ready To Label minimum order quantity?

    In our Ready To Label division, the minimum order is 48 bars and/or 4 gallons of liquid soap. If you are interested in custom soap, please visit our Custom Manufacturing FAQs for minimum order quantities.

  • How do I find the ingredients of a specific soap blend?

    For any product, go to that product's ordering page and click on it. The ingredients will be there on the left side of the page.

    For a full ingredient list of all products, see Ingredients

  • I want to order your soap for just myself – do I need to get the minimum quantity?

    Yes, the minimum quantity still needs to be met.

  • Can I set up a recurring automatic order on a [monthly] basis?

    This option is available in our Custom Manufacturing division, but not for web orders in our Ready To Label division.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. As of now, we do not accept Paypal.

  • What if my payment isn't going through?

    Please contact our customer support team and we would be happy to assist you with completing your order. You can call us at (406) 728-7627 during our office hours: Monday - Friday between 8:30 am - 4:30 pm (Mountain Time).

  • What are your shipping methods?

    We ship using FedEx. The options include Ground (4-5 business days), 3-day Express, and 2-day Express.

  • How much do you charge for shipping?

    Shipping charges vary based on your location. Once you add your address during the checkout process you will be given rates for FedEx Ground, 3-day Express, and 2-day Express.

  • Can I change the shipping address after I’ve placed my order?

    No. Once placed, an order cannot be changed. If you need a new address, call to cancel, and then place a new order with the correct information.

    IMPORTANT: Most orders ship the next business day, so don't delay if you need to make changes. Order cancellations must be received by 10am (MST) the following day.

  • Do you ship internationally?

    We don't export but we do have customers who live and sell outside of the U.S., but have a
    relationship with an American shipper or distributor that we can ship to.

  • Can you send my order in multiple shipments/to multiple locations?

    A single order in our Ready To Label division ships in one shipment to one address. But both of these options are available in our Custom Manufacturing division.

  • If I’m local, can I pick up my order?

    Yes, you can pick up your order locally at our location in Bonner, Montana. When you are checking out, please choose the local pickup option and email to make an appointment.

  • What if my order arrives damaged/incomplete/incorrect?

    We have a standard returns policy (see "Shipping & Returns") that includes timelines and other details, but in general, if your order arrives damaged, incomplete, or incorrect, we can replace, track and refund.

  • Is there a way to save my order for future orders? Can I see my order history?

    When you make an account on our website, all of your past orders will be saved in our system. This makes repeat ordering simple and hassle-free!

  • What should I charge when I sell your products?

    It is ultimately up to you to decide what to charge when you sell our products.

Custom Manufacturing
  • How does this work?

    If you're looking for a custom soap product, our Custom Manufacturing division is the right place. Fill out our inquiry form and book a conversation with our soap experts to get started. We'll learn about your project, make prototypes, walk you through packaging options and produce a new custom soap product for your brand. Complete our inquiry form today.

  • What is your Custom Manufacturing minimum order quantity?

    The custom bar soap minimum is 1080 bars per SKU of the 4 oz. size (MOQ scales with bar size). The minimum for custom liquid soap is 100 gallons, with the option of getting two different 50-gallon scent blends within that minimum.

  • What kinds of products are available for me to order custom made?

    Our Custom Manufacturing division offers bar soap, shampoo bars, foaming soap, castile soap, and body wash. We can customize any of these to create a product that is right for your brand.

    If none of these fit your needs, our Research and Development Lab may be able to create a product that will. It's important to note that we specialize in creating traditional bar and liquid soap. Some products, like lotions and conditioners, require processes that are outside our standard manufacturing processes and organic certification.
  • Can you recreate products sold by a different company?

    We have replicated several scents, often of synthetic bars, through our own processes, but recreating a product exactly depends on the product and the legality of its recipe.

  • What is the new customer ordering process for your Custom Manufacturing division?

    If you are a new customer looking for customized soap, we want to help you conceptualize what your final product will look like. Botanie's President and Founder, Tim Iudicello, describes the process one can expect when working with the Custom Manufacturing division.

  • What is your normal timeline?

    For custom products, our production timeline is typically 8-10 weeks for bar soap and 6-8 weeks for liquid soap. This can vary due to ingredients' availability and seasonal demand, so always check with your account manager.

  • Botanie is Leaping Bunny certified. What does that mean? Can I put the Leaping Bunny logo on my product?

    It means that in manufacturing our products, we don't test their safety or effects on animals. It also means we don't use ingredients whose producers test on animals.
    To display the Leaping Bunny logo on our product, you must register your company with Leaping Bunny.

  • Can I send you my own boxes, labels, etc?

    Yes! Custom Manufacturing clients can supply ingredients and packaging. We receive a lot of customer-supplied items, so it is important to only send items when requested. When items are needed, you will receive a Purchase Order (PO) from our inventory department. Your account manager will guide you through this process.

    IMPORTANT: Please do not send items to Botanie that have not been requested.
  • Do you offer payment terms?

    After three production-scale orders with Botanie, in most cases, we offer payment terms of 50% Down, Net 30 to clients in our Custom Manufacturing division. Ask your account manager for details.

  • What are your shipping methods?

    We ship FedEx for parcel delivery. We use several carriers for freight shipments. Custom Manufacturing clients can choose to arrange their own shipping if preferred, including Fulfillment by Amazon. Talk to your account manager when placing your order for more details.

  • How much do you charge for shipping?

    Shipping charges vary based on your location. Customers are responsible for shipping costs. IMPORTANT: Shipping costs are determined at time of shipment; they are not part of the original Sales Order.

  • Can I arrange my own shipping or via Fulfillment by Amazon?

    Yes! Custom Manufacturing clients may choose to arrange shipping using their own account or Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). Talk to your account manager when placing your order for more details.

  • Do you ship internationally?

    We don't export but we do have customers who live and sell outside of the U.S., but have a
    relationship with an American shipper or distributor that we can ship to.

  • Can you send my order in multiple shipments?

    Yes! Make sure to give all directions to your account manager when you place your order. If you need to ship your order in stages, we do charge minimal storage fees for soap that remains after the originally scheduled ship date.

  • Can you send my order to multiple locations?

    Yes! We can ship your custom order to multiple locations. To avoid change fees, give your account manager all directions when you place your order.

  • If I’m local, can I pick up my order?

    Yes, you can pick up your order locally at our location in Bonner, Montana. When you place your order make sure to let your account manager know you will pick it up. We will contact you when it is ready for pick up.

  • What if my order arrives damaged?

    If we provided the freight/shipping services, we will take care of the situation and make it right. If you provided the shipping, then it is up to you to settle the situation with the carrier.

  • What if my order arrives incomplete/incorrect?

    Frankly, it shouldn't happen. We take great care during the development phases to make sure all the details are correct. But sometimes change requests can cause mix-ups.

    Here is language from our Custom Manufacturing Terms and Conditions:
    "All products will be made, packaged, and shipped in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. If a product does not meet these terms, you have 7 days from the date of product receipt to notify Botanie of the problem. After 7 days, no claims of non-conformity may be made."

  • Do you offer storage of finished product, or customer-supplied packaging and ingredients?

    Storage of excess packaging or finished goods is available for our Custom Manufacturing clients. Please reach out to your account manager to discuss storage options.

General Questions
  • What do you mean by “all-natural soap”?

    Natural soap means a true soap made by saponifiying plant-based whole oils (not isolated fatty acids). At Botanie, we use only certified organic oils for our bar soap and liquid soap base recipes. We oppose the body care industry's use of the word "natural" to include synthetic fragrances, colorants, and preservatives. We add no artificial substances to our soaps, such as synthetic fragrances, dyes, and preservatives, and where possible, we use organically grown products.

    All our soaps are scented with essential oils only, and we do not allow fragrance oils in our building. We color our soap with a variety of organic herbs and plant derived products. For custom production, we also use mineral pigments. Our products do not contain parabens. Read through our ingredient list to see what we mean by "natural soap." Then, to really see what we mean, take a copy of our ingredients with you next time you go to the store and compare them to the ingredients of soaps on the shelves. It's easy to see the difference.

    Phew. That was a mouthful, but we're passionate about it.

  • How is your soap different than the "regular" soap I might buy at the store?

    "Regular" soap tends to be mass-manufactured from tallow, palm, and coconut oils. It has no moisturizing superfats and no glycerin. Mass-manufactured bars often contain detergents to minimize the harshness of the soap itself and to enhance the lather.

    At Botanie, we make soap by delicately balancing the oils to achieve moisturizing, cleaning, and skin-feel properties. Instead of detergents synthesized in a lab, all our soaps are made from natural ingredients.

  • What are essential oils? What’s the difference between fragrance oils and essential oils?

    Essential oils are pure plant extracts used for scenting or aromatherapy, where fragrance oils are synthetically made substitutes for essential oils. Because fragrance oils contain synthetic compounds, they can dry and irritate sensitive skin.

    Always be sure to read a product's label. If the ingredient list includes the word "fragrance," "perfume," or "parfum," it's synthetic and not natural, even if its packaging may say it's a natural soap.

    All Botanie Soaps contain only true, plant-extract essential oils. Never fragrance.

  • What is superfatting?

    Superfatting is a process by which soapmakers calculate soap recipes to have an excess of different oils in their soaps. The molecular structure of soap is designed to strip away grease and oils (this is how it cleans), but this dries the skin. Formulating with additional superfats counters this.

    All Botanie soaps, both bar and liquid, have superfatted formulations. Superfatting soaps does not make your skin oily. Rather, it allows the soap to clean effectively without drying out your skin.

  • What is castile?

    Traditionally, castile is soap made from olive oil. However, today, it refers to any soap made from plant oils.

    More specifically, the term castile has evolved in North America to refer to liquid soap made from plant oils. This usage was popularized by the brand Dr. Bronner's and is the one we use at Botanie.

  • Do you use lye in your soap?

    All soap, including Botanie's, is made using lye. Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) is used to make bars, and potassium hydroxide (KOH) is used for liquid soap. Even transparent "glycerin" soap and "melt and pour" soaps are made using lye.

    In soap-making, lye is a raw ingredient. All lye is consumed in the saponification process as molecules of oils and lye interact and reform to create molecules of soap and glycerin, Thus, while soap is made with lye, the finished product doesn't contain lye. Any company that claims their soap is not made with lye is either promoting false information or doesn't understand the chemistry behind soap.

  • What does it mean to be certified organic?

    Yes, Botanie Soap has organic certification under the USDA's National Organic Program. We also have "Made with Organic" certification under the NSF / ANSI 305 standard. In both cases, organic certification is a rigorous professional standard that must be validated and re-issued annually. At Botanie, official organic certification assures our customers that our ingredients, our facility, and our procedures truly support our organic status. For more information about organic certification see our Explanation of Organic video.

  • Can your soaps be used on sensitive skin? (eczema, allergies, etc.)

    Although we cannot guarantee it, chances are, yes. Most skin sensitivities are aggravated by the synthetic ingredients in lotions, creams, make-up, and soaps. Without these ingredients, there is nothing left to irritate the skin. Many people with sensitive skin enjoy using our scented herbal soap varieties, and we recommend our unscented bar and liquid soaps for people with extreme sensitivities.

  • Are your products vegan/cruelty free?

    Botanie is Leaping Bunny certified, meaning our products are cruelty free.

    All our products, except for our shea honey oatmeal bar soap, are plant-based and vegan. Honey is an animal product.
  • Do you use GMOs?

    We don’t use GMO’s. Part of organic certification is a restriction against using genetically altered ingredients.

  • What does it mean that your palm oil is ethically sourced?

    Ethically sourced palm oil means our palm oil comes from companies and farms that practice sustainable production and adhere to third-party traceability. Our organic palm oil supplier has full RSPO-IP traceability (the highest standard of transparency).

  • How does Botanie Soap get all its soap colors?

    In the majority of our soaps, the colors come from a variety of natural herbs. In our custom manufacturing division, we work with minerals, oxides and clays in addition to herbs to derive soap color. Because natural products vary from batch to batch, slight variability in color should be expected.

  • How consistent is color between batches?

    We strive to make color as consistent as possible from batch to batch. This isn't always easy when dealing exclusively with natural products. With every herb or clay we purchase, we make tests batches to see how that color will perform and adjust our formulas accordingly. It's a lot of work, but we're committed to both natural products and to consistency in our manufacturing.

  • What is the shelf life?

    We suggest a shelf life of one year. The soap is still good after that, but scents and color fade over time. We recommend you order up to 3-6 months of inventory, but not more so that the soap is always optimum.

  • How should I store your products?

    The best place to store our soap is a cool dry one, out of direct sunlight and away from extremes of heat.

  • What are your office/customer service hours?

    Our office is open normal daytime business hours M-F. See Hours & Directions for updated information.

  • How can I be put on your mailing list?

    For more information about Botanie Soap and the latest on our product releases and specials, please join our email list with the form on the bottom of most of our web pages. You can also check out our blog for soap related content and additional information.

  • What is the minimum order size for each division?

    Whether you are ordering through the Ready-To-Label division, or Custom Manufacturing division, the minimums are quite different. President and founder, Tim Iudicello explains.