Five Unique Ways to Package and Market Pumpkin Spice Soap

selling pumpkin soap

If you sell white-labeled Botanie Soap, you likely sell a consistent, branded variety of our scents. During the fall, however, we offer a limited-time seasonal scent – pumpkin spice! Our goal with this product is to help you enhance your product line, excite your customers and sell more soap! While simply adding a seasonal product, such as pumpkin spice soap, to your website or brick-and-mortar shelves is a great first step, you need to spend some additional time and energy on marketing this product in order for it to have the largest impact on your seasonal sales. Here are five unique ways you can package and market your pumpkin spice soap to sell more bars.

1. Choose a Unique Color Theme for Packaging


When you think of pumpkin spice fall colors like orange, green and yellow might come to mind, but those colors might not match your brand and they surely won’t stand out in the crowd of fall-themed items currently flooding the internet. Consider packaging your pumpkin spice soap in a less obvious, more on-brand way. We offer a variety of box colors and label shapes to help you get started.

Here are a few unique, fall packaging ideas using the box colors we have available:

  • Funky, white patterns and writing on a black box
  • Sparkly, gold writing on a simple, kraft brown box
  • Neon yellow, green and orange ribbon curled around a white box
  • Hunter green writing and floral print on a sage green box

2. Create a Fun, Branded Name


While we call this seasonal item “pumpkin spice,” as a white-label seller of our soap you are more than welcome to come up with a different name that works best for your brand. To do this, consider your audience and what might resonate most with them. Here are a few fun, unique names you could use for our pumpkin spice soap:

  • Cinnamon Pumpkin Patch
  • Autumn’s Favorite Soap
  • Grandma’s Pumpkin Pie

If you decide to choose a name that is less descriptive than pumpkin spice, like the ones suggested above, be sure that you use the product’s description and packaging to make it clear to your customer what scent they can expect.

3. Take Custom Photos

White-label customers are welcome to use our existing product images, but we always recommend that you take your own branded images. Seasonal products are no exception to that recommendation. In some ways, it is even more important to create branded images of your seasonal products. Branded images will help your customers get more excited about your limited-time offering. Don’t worry, you don’t need to hire a photographer and spend your Q4 marketing budget on 5 pumpkin-themed images, simply grab your iphone and some fun props and take the photos yourself! Here are a few fun image staging ideas for pumpkin spice soap:

  • Grab a latte in a cute mug, some cinnamon sticks and a pumpkin spice bar and position them on hardwood floor
  • Purchase a small pumpkin and place it in the grass next to an equally sized pile of pumpkin spice bars
  • Have a friend dress in a cozy fall sweater and hold a pumpkin spice bar in each hand as a second friend throws fall leaves into the air

4. Use Fall-Themed Easter Eggs On Your Website


    Easter eggs are objects hidden in an electronic medium such as a movie, video game or website. They draw the attention of careful viewers and engage them in new ways. Here are a few Easter eggs you could put on your website to promote your pumpkin spice soap:

    • Place a small pumpkin emoji in the footer of your website that, when clicked on, takes the viewer straight to the pumpkin spice soap item page
    • Link the pumpkin spice item photo to a secret landing page with a special fall discount code
    • Change the font color of the word “pumpkin” to orange and when clicked on make a pop-up appear that tells a pumpkin-themed joke

    5. Send a Fall-Themed Email

    If you aren’t already using email marketing for your company, you should start! When customers purchase from your website, collect their emails. Then, you can send product updates, company news, sale information and other announcements out to your customer base. Announcing pumpkin spice soap is an email-worthy topic. Here are a few ideas on how you can make this announcement fun:

    • Share a special discount on bulk orders of pumpkin spice soap to encourage larger purchases
    • Include some of your employees’ favorite pumpkin themed recipes or fall traditions to add some personality to your brand
    • Make a list of fall gifts and must-haves that include your pumpkin spice soap

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