People Who Should Be Using Organic Soap and Aren't

should be using organic

To be honest, anyone who has a restroom, kitchen, or work room with a sink, shower, or tub should be using organic soap. Anyone who washes their hands, especially anyone who has dry skin, should be using organic soap.

That last group (those with dry skin) might be smaller than the first two (everyone), but based on numbers for people who currently use organic soap, it’s not much smaller. Anyone using commercial skin detergents – more commonly known as beauty bars, cleansing bars, and deodorant bars – should be using organic soap. Here’s why.

Natural Compatibility


Organic soap, whether it’s bars or liquid, is naturally compatible with your skin. It’s made to be that way. The problem with most of the skincare products we all use is that aren’t compatible with humans systems. They are, by nature, designed to strip and leave skin dry. All that being said, here are some specific businesses who should be using organic soap, and judging from statistics, aren’t.


In our town of 70,000 in Western Montana, we have several nice restaurants that likely fall into the gourmet category. We have a few that aspire to being natural, many that

are regular family favorites, and it seems we have a new pizzeria every day. If we could say one thing to the owners of all these restaurants, it would be this: Don’t undermine the quality you’re known for, your attention to detail, by having customers return from the restroom with the smell of cheap soap on their hands. Don’t let your hard work and your customers’ experiences be diminished by soap that will leave their skin dry, irritated, and smelling synthetic. Make sure the soap in your bathrooms is as good as the food you serve.

Hotels, Motels, and B&Bs

We’ve always thought this was a natural. In the rooms people rent that act as homes away from home, the soap on the sinks and in the showers should be as customer-focused as everything else.

Not just an attractive floral scent with a familiar label, but soap of true quality, produced with the same care B&B and fine hotel owners put into the character of their individual rooms. Something as simple as a natural scent in the bathroom can make that small difference – imperceptible to most – that turns good to great and great to excellent. Organic soap for hotels, motels, and B&Bs is still a natural, just not as obvious to everyone else as it is to us. So, we continue to spread the word.

For Mechanics of All Kinds –The Myth of the Hardworking Soap

The marketing that’s always followed soaps considered to be hardworking is simple. They can’t be gentle, they have to leave evidence behind of their scouring, and they’re not for everyone. Which has been successful, and is also completely wrong. Our foaming hand soap – as gentle and luxurious an experience as you can have – keeps proving itself to be great on grease.

Since Missoula is a center for bicycling, we’ve given our foaming soap to several bicycle mechanics, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Second only to the “hardworking” skin detergent they’re accustomed to using – and not by much – our foaming soap doesn’t require that their hands suffer for days simply to have the grease removed. Which is pretty much our point about organic.

And because it’s certified organic, they don’t have to wonder if our claims of naturalness are true. Which is also our point.

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