There's Still Time to Rethink Your Holiday Soaps

holiday soap

The Holidays occupy a special place in our memories and one of the strongest triggers for memory is smell. Wreathes and trees, cookies and favorite holiday foods. They’re as much a part of the Holidays as presents.

Candles and soaps, scented for the season, can bring these memories back. While you won’t find our soaps wrapped in ribbons or stamped with Christmas trees, they’re Holiday Soaps just the same, and all for their own reasons.

Keep these reasons in mind when you’re ordering our Ready to Ship soap, and make sure, if you want soap for the holiday season, that you order soon. The clock is ticking louder all the time. Here they are – five holiday bar soaps and one foaming soap we’re sneaking in for reasons you’ll discover soon.

Oatmeal Spice

This is such a year-round favorite, it’s easy to forget how perfect it is for the holidays. Think of cloves steeping in cider on the stove. Think of cinnamon toast and morning coffee cake. Oatmeal Spice smells like the Holidays. It also smells like home.

Forest Tonic

Let’s just list the key ingredients: essential oils of fir needle, pine, juniper berry, and spruce, plus juniper berries themselves. Wreathes and Christmas trees, holiday center pieces and arrangements. They’re all right here in our Forest Tonic soap.

Peppermint Leaf

It’s not the Holidays without candy canes hanging from tree branches or decorating presents and stockings. We tried to think of another time of the year when candy canes are so essential. And we couldn’t. They really are special to the holidays. And, let’s face it, there are no candy canes without peppermint.

Blood Orange Bergamot

This one’s easy to overlook, because citrus scents are so commonly associated with summer. In winter, citrus is more of an accent note, a background scent, or one of many ingredients in the mix. But if you picture slices of orange in punch and tea, on the rims of glasses, or floating in the hot drinks we drink in winter, especially Earl Grey Tea, citrus is there all the time. And with the complexity of bergamot, it’s a citrus scent more suited to winter and the holidays.


This year we’re seeing a lot of lavender-themed Christmas products online, particularly candles and gift sets. And it makes sense, but like Blood Orange Bergamot, in more of a secondary, background way. Lavender is a great relaxing scent and you’ll find lavender products and fragrances is just those places perfect for relaxing. Though the Holidays are full of activity, some of the best moments can be by ourselves when we get to bask in the experience.

Citrus Lavender Foaming Soap

We’re sneaking this one in, not because it has anything to do with the Holidays but because it is, quite possibly, the best soap in the world. And when you’re home for the Holidays, among family and friends, when so much time is invested in getting the details of dinners and celebrations just right, the world’s best soap is a perfect addition.

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