Think Organic for Liquid Soap, Too

think organic

Americans buy nearly twice as much liquid soap per year as we do bar soap. We also tend to use multiple skincare products every day. If the products we used were organic, we’d all be better off. But since they’re not, and since a surprising number of people still don’t associate “organic” with liquid soap, it’s never a bad time to point out the benefits – to your body and the environment – of buying organic.

It’s What’s Missing That Counts

The best reason for using organic liquid soap is the same as it is for bar soap – reducing the toxins we’re exposed to every day. Skincare products are often overlooked as a source of toxins, but they shouldn’t be. Our skin is amazing in its ability to protect us, but using multiple products on a daily basis gives toxins the chance to accumulate over time and find their way into our systems. And it turns all of these into concerns:

  • The heavy presence of synthetics in non-organic products, ingredients that are irritating to the skin
  • The number and variety of products we use – soaps, shampoos, conditioners, lotions, sunscreens – and how often we use them.
  • The fact that toxins absorbed through the skin go straight to the bloodstream and then to the liver. They don’t get broken down in the gut as food does.

The absence of synthetic ingredients in skincare products can help us all avoid common skin ailments, not because organic products are medicine, but because they don’t contain the ingredients that cause many of these ailments to begin with. Think of a word that modern medicine, medical insurance especially, is still not completely comfortable with – prevention.

Fewer Toxins Everywhere

Like organic food, ingredients in organic skincare are traditionally grown and produced without synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, meaning fewer toxins in the crop itself, fewer in the air, and fewer in the soil. Using organic skincare products also means fewer toxins – parabens, phthalates, and triclosan – down the drain and into our common water supply.

Simply Better

From beginning to end of the production cycle, organic products are better for your skin, your family’s health, the soil, our water, and the planet. That’s as true for liquid soap, body washes, lotions, and sunscreens as it is for bar soap. From your sink to the ocean, there’s no better way than organic to be part of a healthier future, one clean day at a time.

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