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Investing in larger quantities of our wholesale, bulk soap can be intimidating for the first time customer. Having questions or doubt about purchasing a product in bulk is completely normal! What if you don’t like the scent of bar soap that you choose? Perhaps you are worried that your customers won’t care for the consistency of our liquid Castile soap. We understand the uncertainty and the hesitation you may feel before making a purchase like this, so we wanted to alleviate those apprehensions with product sample sets.

Whether you are taking the leap into entrepreneurship with your own soap label or testing the waters in another way, we believe sample sets are the perfect introduction to make you feel at ease with the quality of Botanie Soap products. Through seeing, smelling, and trying the soaps up close before you decide, sample sets are an affordable way to examine our soaps before you make a larger purchase.

What Do Our Sample Sets Include?

    Our sample set options are:

    • 15 THIN BARS

    Thin Bars & Liquid Soap

    Our most popular sample set. What is essentially our other two sample sets combined into one, the thin bars and liquid soap sample set gives you a complete look at the Botanie Soap product line. You can be sure that you are getting the full picture of all scents, colors, consistencies, and package looks with this set. Included:


    • 7 liquid soap sample size bottles
    • 3 foaming soap sample bottles
    • 4 all-purpose castile soap sample bottles


    • One bar each of all 15 varieties
    • 14 thin bars (1.25 oz)
    • One full size bar (4 oz)

    Samples of all 6 colored soap boxes are also part of the set.

    15 Thin Bars


    For the customer who is scent shopping, our sample set of 15 thin bars is perfect. Having the ability to smell and look at all 15 varieties of our online bar line can give you the clarity you need to pick the scents that will sell best to your customers. The thin 1.25 oz bars are ideal for ease of use and reviewing by your team.

    We also include one full size bar (4 ounces) to give the full experience of our actual bar size when purchasing. To help you visualize the end product that you will provide to your customers, we also send you samples of all 6 soap box colors. As with every sample set, free ground shipping in the continental US (only for 1 sample set) is included.

    Castile & Foaming Soap


    liquid samples

    All things liquid! This Castile and foaming soap sample set includes all 7 liquid soap varieties available for online ordering, 3 foaming soap samples, and 4 all-purpose Castile soap samples. Of the 7 sample-sized bottles, 3 are foaming (2 oz each) and 4 are Castile (1.5 oz).

     The 7 blends of our liquid soap are:

    • Lavender
    • Oatmeal Spice
    • Lemongrass Tea
    • Citrus Lavender
    • Peppermint Leaf
    • Prairie Sage
    • Unscented

    Each is available as Foaming Soap or All-Purpose Castile Liquid Soap.

    Why Order Sample Sets?

    We understand that there is nothing more important than quality for our customers. While we all know marketing is important to getting repeat customers, selling a top-quality white labeled soap is paramount as well. We are confident that after using our products, you will be convinced that Botanie soaps are the best on the market.

    Waiving the shipping cost for your sample set proves how confident we are that you will be impressed with the quality of our soap.

    What Can You Do With Sample Sets?

    In addition to testing the products yourself, sample product sizes are excellent for getting feedback from a stakeholder or trusted friend of your business. Allowing someone close to you to opine on their experience with our soap can make your purchasing decision much easier.

    Being able to touch and interact with the sample sets allows you to see what your potential labels and brand colors look like on our boxes (if purchasing the sample set with boxes included).

    As we’ve mentioned, perhaps the best action to take with sample sets is to test to see which ones you like, but maybe more importantly, any scents that you don’t like!

    For consumers of liquid soap, we recommend examining the viscosity to make the most informed decision you can.

    Grow Your Own Wholesale Organic Soap Business

    At Botanie, we know soap. Our wholesale and bulk soap white label products allow you to put your own custom label on our organic bar and liquid products. Whether you are looking for custom soap manufacturing or ready to ship bulk products, we can meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Shop our wholesale bar, foaming, Castile, and packaging supplies online today.

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