Best Soaps for Skin Care

Best Soaps for Skin Care

Did you know that our bar soap isn’t just for your hands? From body wash to shampoo, or even skin care, Botanie has the best soap for your brand.

If there’s one thing everyone has in common, it’s the need to care for their skin. Over the last few years, skincare has garnered an increasing amount of attention, and for good reason. From all-natural ingredients to plastic-free packaging, people are more invested than ever in ensuring their face is clean and glowing.

At Botanie, we have a variety of soaps to ensure you’re able to choose the right products for your brand. Each of our bars is made with organic oils and only true essential oils – never synthetic fragrances or additives. If you’re looking for bars that work great as a face wash, look no further.



  • Patchouli. Patchouli is known for helping with inflammation and exfoliation, as well as its natural astringent properties. Our Patchouli bar is great for those who struggle with excess oils on their face and scalp.
  • Lavender. Lavender has been shown to help with inflammation, as well as balance out the skin’s natural oil levels. If you’re looking for a more moisturizing face wash, Lavender can add an extra boost to your skincare routine.
  • Prairie Sage. Our Prairie Sage bar offers a gentle exfoliation with calendula petals and is packed essentials oils shown to help combat acne. Lemongrass acts as a natural astringent and appears to have antibacterial properties, while Sage helps with control excess sebum.
  • Black Tea Tree. For a face wash that may help many all types, Black Tea Tree can’t be beat. Tea Tree Oil has been known to help fight bacteria and inflammation, while activated charcoal is thought to help with removing toxins from the skin*.
    • *Research has not concluded whether topical application of activated charcoal is effective in removing toxins from the skin, but it is unlikely that charcoal will cause an allergic reaction.

Having the right product to cleanse your face is only the first step of maintaining a good skin care routine.

The steps after washing your face are just as important:

  • Start with Serums. Depending on your skin type, a variety of serums and oils are available to help target specific skin needs. If you’re looking for more standard, everyday serums, squalane oil is on the rise in skincare brands lately for its hydrating properties. It’s been shown to boost hydration and work against skin damage.
  • Follow Up with Moisturizer. Much like your hands need an extra hydration boost with lotion every now and then, so does your face! Whether you suffer from dry, oily, or combination skin, moisturizer is key.
  • Never Skip SPF. While each of skincare step is important, SPF takes the lead in the post face wash follow-up. Depending on how detailed you’d like your skin care routine to be, there are infinite options for facial sunscreen, from standalone to moisturizer to BB creams.
  • Finish with a Night Cream. To finish your day, you can swap the SPF for something more revitalizing like night cream. Getting that extra boost of hydration or recovery can make all the difference to the health of your skin.

While all Botanie’s soaps work for a variety of purposes, the bars listed here are made with quality ingredients known to aid with specific skin concerns.

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For detailed information on ingredients, visit our Ingredients Page.

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