Foaming Soap Never Ceases to Amaze

foaming soap

It’s not what most people think it is. In fact, our organic Foaming Soap is not what we thought at first. After 18 months of refining and observing, we’re delighted with what our Foaming Soap’s become, though not entirely for the reasons we expected. We’ve learned some things and rethought some others. Altogether, they fall into two general categories:

  • Uses we didn’t anticipate
  • Positive reactions we thought would have subsided by now, but haven’t.

Surprising Reports

We knew it was perfect as a hand soap. We’ve always loved the foam and we knew customers would, too. What we didn’t expect was people reporting what a tough cleaner it is – especially on grease – and as a result, the uses people have found, or stumbled across.

  • One customer reported doing some unplanned bicycle-chain adjustments. Afterward, he tried our Citrus Lavender Foaming Soap on his hands and it removed every bit of grease. He tried it on his sweater and the slight bit it didn’t remove came out in the wash. He’s used Dr. Bronner’s Castile for years and never saw this “added” grease-cleaning power. He was the first to suggest the foam might have something to do with it.
  • Another customer who makes chainmail was working with metal scales that are greased to avoid being damaged when they’re cut. After several hours of working with the scales, the ends of his fingers were caked with grease. He tried some standard liquid castile, but it wasn’t until he used our Foaming Soap that the grease was completely removed.

Based on our own experience, Foaming Soap works great sprayed on dishes for hard-to-clean areas, and as a stain-spotting foam for clothes before washing. It’s also great for toilet bowls because, as a foam, it stays where you spray it. Maybe there’s some truth to the scrubbing-bubbles theory. We do know it’s a surprisingly tough cleaner.

The Aha Moment

It’s easy to miss other people’s transcendent moments.

  • If you live in Western Montana, it’s not uncommon to get lost in the day-to-day and be surprised when someone who doesn’t live here reminds us how beautiful it is.
  • If you’ve never tried our Foaming Soap, you’ve missed one of those moments. We’ve seen it in person and we’ve heard about it from customers, side-by-side tests of a standard commercial skin detergent with label candy (aloe, olive oil) and our Foaming Soap.

It’s the moment after trying the detergent, moving on to our Foaming Soap and then leaning down to smell. Citrus Lavender or Lemongrass Tea, it’s a moment you don’t see often in manufacturing. Eyes go wide. There have even been gasps at discovering that natural, organic soap is in an entirely different class. It really is soap as you’ve imagined it.

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