Conditions of Use

For information about shipping & returns, please see: Shipping and Returns

Discounts, Sales, Specials, & Coupons

  • All special pricing is available ONLY during the dates listed.
  • We cannot apply discounts outside of the date range specified for that discount.
  • If you place an order but forget to use a discount code, the order is final as is. We cannot apply it after the order.
  • Our coupons are meant to be used once and require you to create an account in order for coupons to be valid.
  • If you are having difficulty using a coupon code, please call us to place your order by phone.

Conditions of Use - Online Order Payment

  • By using a credit card or debit card to purchase products via our webstore, you agree to enter into a legally binding agreement to pay for the items.
  • Unfortunately, technology is not always perfect, and website orders sometimes (though rarely) fail to complete perfectly. If there is a problem with your payment, we will contact you to try to resolve it.
  • To better serve you, we try to ship as quickly as possible. If the payment problem arises after we have shipped product, you will be required to complete the transaction over the phone. If you refuse, we will consider this a breach of the purchase agreement you made with us when ordering online, and we will register your refusal to pay with a collection agency. We will always do our best to provide you with the best and fastest service possible. In return, we simply ask for your honesty when purchasing.
Thank you for your business and your interest in our organic soap. Please contact us if you have questions regarding our Conditions of Use. You can reach us at 406.728.SOAP (7627) or Email us!