Private Label Packaging Options

We give you the tools for your private label soap business. Make it your own!

Online private label packaging options:

Add soap boxes to your bar soap
Print your own bar soap labels or liquid soap labels using our DIY sheet labels and templates
Add ingredient labels for bar or liquid soap
Buy bulk and fill your own containers
Choose the right bottles for your brand

Make it your own!

At Botanie, we're all about YOUR product. Our packaging options are designed for flexibility and with your brand in mind. Whether you buy online or work with us for custom formulation, we can meet your private label needs.

What do you mean by Custom Label Soap or Private Label Soap?

  • This is soap you sell as your own (or give away as promotionals, free samples, trade show items, wedding favors – whatever you need it for). At Botanie, all our soap is for you to use with your custom label.
  • If you buy soap online, we supply multiple soap packaging options for you (see below).
  • If you work with us for custom soap production, we can print bar soap labels or liquid soap labels for you, or we can help you source the packaging you need for your brand. Many custom soap clients also send us their own packaging to use.

How does "Custom Label" differ from "Private Label" or "White Label"?

We prefer the term Custom Label because it is easier to communicate and understand.

  • Custom Label Soap is soap for you to use with you brand or your name – that is, your custom label. At Botanie, you can get custom label soap by purchasing our pre-made soap online or by working with us to produce your custom blend.
  • Private Label [Learn More] and White Label [Learn More] are both types of custom label. They simply have narrower definitions.

Custom soap private label packaging options:

If you order custom soap with us, you can choose any of the private label packaging options listed on this page. You can also have many more, including custom label printing or custom printed soap boxes. Many of our custom soap clients provide their own packaging. For custom soap, there are numerous options.

For more information about packaging options for Custom Bar Soap and Custom Liquid Soap, please contact us using the form below.


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