Custom Liquid Soap

From foam soap to castile to body wash, Botanie's array of liquid soap bases gives Custom Manufacturing clients a wide selection of high-quality liquid soap options. With fill sizes from 2 oz bottles to 250 gallon totes, we offer the flexibility you need to get the perfect product for your brand.

Formulation options

  • Custom formulation for specific viscosities
  • Custom scent and essential oil blending
  • Custom textures
  • Custom specialty ingredients
  • It's all about your custom needs. Bring us your project ideas.

Packaging options

  • Custom bottles. We don't limit the style or size of your bottles. Pick what's best for your brand.
  • Bulk options. 1 gallon jugs, 5 gallon buckets, drums, totes...
  • Shrink wrap and shrink bands
  • Custom label printing (waterproof labels)
  • We also love your complex, completely unique packaging ideas. Let's talk!

What Can We Build For Your Brand?

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Custom liquid soap options & minimums

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Custom liquid soap bottles. We fill all sizes and shapes.
Bulk custom liquid soap in 1 gallon jugs and 5 gallon buckets.
Bulk Liquid Soap comes in 55 gallon drums.