Ingredient Change – We are removing Safflower from our bars and replacing it with Sunflower. We are cycling thru bars that include safflower until we are 100% sunflower; the correct ingredient list for the lot of soap you are receiving will be included in each shipment.

On Sale

Ingredients Label - Bar Soap - Lemongrass Tea

Dimensions: 2" x 1"
Color: White w/ Gloss Finish

Whatever your typical bar soap order includes, we have a pre-printed ingredient label to match! Bright and high quality, each label lists the full ingredients of the specific bar and includes an asterisk next to each organic ingredient.

The labels are sized to fit in multiple locations (top, sides, front, back) on our blank kraft brown and white recycled boxes and on the front or back of our 1 ounce bar boxes.

PLEASE NOTE: If your order contains only labels and the total order quantity does not meet our website order minimum, please call us at 406-728-7627 to place your order. Thanks!