Thyme Garden Bar Soap Product Information

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Thyme Garden

Organic Thyme Garden Soap

4 oz. bar (3.5 in. x 2 in. x 1 in.) BUY 4 oz BARS

Full of thyme, rosemary, sage, and other scents, this is the bar for gardeners, cooks, and general herb lovers! Natural chlorophyll and organic cloves give it a deep green color.

Saponified oils of sunflower* and/or safflower*, coconut*, and palm* (with retained glycerin), essential oils of lavandin, rosemary, patchouli, lemongrass, thyme, and clove bud, chlorophyll, cloves*, rosemary extract

*ingredients marked with an asterisk are certified organic (IMPORTANT: Thyme Garden bar soap contains 85% organic ingredients. However, due to difficulty in documenting the origins of chlorophyll, we cannot get this bar certified by the USDA National Organic Program.)

Selling Tips

  • Thyme Garden is a signature herbal soap, one that can help legitimize your offerings. You’ll find a version of it in many soap lines. Done right, like ours, it embodies the essence of natural soap.

  • It’s also a constant in many homes. While other soaps may be used in cycles, Thyme Garden sticks around, as a reminder of why we use herbal soap to begin with

  • Its appeal is strong as a clean, natural experience when washing. Like spending time outdoors, in the garden.