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A Wholesale Natural Soap Manufacturer You Can Trust

We believe in better – better products and better service – and we will never cut corners.

When you work with Botanie, we take you in as family and return to you the highest level of customer care and a steadfast commitment to the highest product quality. We know you have choices for your vendors. Thanks for choosing us to work with you.

The Whole Story

Simple Beginnings

Botanie Soap began with the founder and his wife making soap in their kitchen and basement and selling at the local summer farmer’s market. From day one, they held to the standard that better products and better service are what customers wanted and deserved.

Botanie Soap - curing soap
Cutting and curing soap in 2000
Botanie Soap's first market booth for organic bar soap
Our first market booth in 2000

Today, Botanie sets the standard for high-quality commercial bar and liquid soap. Our production capacity combined with our commitment to quality and consistency is why customers come to us, and then stay with us. You can trust that we’ll always formulate our soap bases with the highest quality organic oils and will never reach for cheap, filler oils like corn and soy. We’ll always scent products using only high quality essential oils. We’ll always commit to policies of minimal waste, no animal testing, and other earth-friendly practices. And, as always, we will always put you first.

Commitment to Natural

Simply put, this is what we do. We built Botanie on a commitment to using natural ingredients only, and we still keep this commitment. We use only certified organic base oils in our soaps. We scent with essential oils or other plant extracts only. We don’t even allow fragrance oils or products containing fragrances to enter our facility. Our colorants are herbs, herbal extracts, clays, and mineral compounds. Our preservatives are plant extracts. When you work with us, you don't have to wonder about whether the products or their raw ingredients qualify as natural. We've taken care of that for you.

Organic Certification

These days, everyone claims to have natural products. This is why we decided to pursue organic certification in 2008. Organic certification represents a higher commitment to natural. It not only means we don't use unnatural or unhealthy ingredients. More importantly, it means we use only the purest ingredients, ones grown and produced sustainably and in accordance with USDA Organic standards.

Organic certification is important to customer trust. It involves third-party audits and inspection of all our ingredients, ingredient sources, paperwork trails, production processes, production records, and facility. Although many companies claim to be “organic,” our certification is the highest standard we can provide to our customers. Organic certification is a standard you can trust.

Our Position on Palm Oil

Palm fruit oil is one of the ingredients in our organic bar soap, and we sell the same organic palm oil as a soap making base oil. Palm oil is becoming a problem globally, because palm plantations in Indonesia, the Philippines, and the mainland of Southeast Asia are rapidly taking over forests. In addition to the basic problem of deforestation, this is a concern because it severely diminishes animal habitat in these regions. In particular, it threatens orangutan viability.

At Botanie Soap, we are very aware of the palm oil problem, and we take careful measures in our palm oil sourcing. We use only certified organic palm oil from South American countries that is grown and produced according to principles of sustainability, and our suppliers are members of the Palm Sustainability Council. We do not source any palm oil out of Southeast Asia, Indonesia, or the Philippines. As part of our promise to be a supplier you can trust, if we ever believe our palm oil sourcing falls short of our principles of sustainability, we will seek new vendors, and, if that does not reach our standards, we will reformulate without palm oil. Until then, we believe our suppliers are solid and in step with the principles of Botanie.

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