Bar Soap vs Liquid Soap: Which One Should I Choose For My Business?

bar vs liquid soap

Many of our customers ask whether they should purchase our white label bar or liquid soap for their soap business. As a soap seller, you’re sure to have a business plan and a certain set of goals in mind. While there are certainly benefits to both types of soap, there are differences in public perception, sustainability, packaging and shipping that sellers can use to determine the product that best fits their business needs, wants and desires. Selling White Label Bar Soap Public Perception: Some Read more […]

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Do You Need a License to Sell Soap?


Do you need a license to sell soap? The short answer is no. The long answer is still no, but there are vital steps you need to take in order to avoid penalties and operate a legal soap-selling business. Many of us dream of starting our own business. The vision of seeing our brand on shelves and in checkout carts across the country is enticing to say the least. Unfortunately, as you might have already guessed, there are occasionally some logistics to tackle first. While you don’t need a special Read more […]

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All About Sample Sets

Botanie soap sample sets

Investing in larger quantities of our wholesale, bulk soap can be intimidating for the first time customer. Having questions or doubt about purchasing a product in bulk is completely normal! What if you don’t like the scent of bar soap that you choose? Perhaps you are worried that your customers won’t care for the consistency of our liquid Castile soap. We understand the uncertainty and the hesitation you may feel before making a purchase like this, so we wanted to alleviate those apprehensions with Read more […]

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Popular Scents of Summer

Scents of summer

If you’ve ever felt compelled to stop and smell the sweet scent of a rose in the spring or commented on the perfectness of the pine fragrance during the holidays, it likely won’t come as much of a surprise that scents are seasonal. With many of our customers currently selling their soaps at summer Farmer’s Markets and other seasonal venues, we thought now would be the perfect time to highlight our most popular scents during the summer and early fall months.  We make 15 different varieties Read more […]

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Tips to Avoid Olive Oil Fraud in Soapmaking

olive oil soap

We use it to cook. We use it for its antioxidants and overall health benefits. And it’s used regularly for making soap. In the realm of organic and natural, there are always products that possess a higher risk in quality. When it comes to olive oil, consumers risk sacrificing authenticity. The olive oil industry has a past worth investigating and a price tag worth over $1.5 billion. How Much Isn’t As Advertised? It’s been discovered that nearly 70% of EVOO sold in the world lacks Read more […]

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Why ‘Fragrance’ Isn’t So Positive Anymore

It’s everywhere. Depending on the season and weather conditions, a fragrance tells us what’s in bloom or what part of town we’re in. From cherry blossoms and lemon trees to peppermint and pine, scents have the power to draw us in. The problem is, fragrance and scent are more than just powerful triggers of memory. When synthetically-derived, fragrances are also the source of much short-term irritation and long-term health problems. In fact, throughout the skincare and scented products industries, Read more […]

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The Many Consistencies of Liquid Castile

Consistencies of Liquid Castile

Soap is just soap, right? Well, not quite. In fact, liquid castile remains the queen of soaps in our opinion…and we have the proof of growing castile sales here at Botanie. Not only is castile soap incredibly versatile, but it’s also gentle and vegan as well. Not to mention, the consistencies of liquid castile are multifaceted. Okay, but what IS castile soap? you may be wondering. Castile soap gets its name from the many olive-oil based soaps crafted in Castile, Spain. Unlike traditional tallow-based Read more […]

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Soap and Aromatherapy: Fall in Love With a Scent

scented soap

Of our five senses, smell is perhaps the strongest of them all. A scent can take you back to a moment in time, triggering a memory you may have all but forgotten. Today, people often use fragrances to set a mood–from a calming atmosphere to a more romantic vibe, burning a candle or using your favorite scented soap can help to accomplish that goal.  We want to showcase scents that drum up all the feel-good feelings for you! Find your favorite below and check out our collection of scents at Botanie Read more […]

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Five Steps to Start Your Own Online Soap Business in 2021

Are you ready to take control of your time and income in 2021? Starting an online business is a great way to do so! Owning an online business allows you to do all of the work from your own home and control the hours you are working, making it the perfect side gig or full time position. Once you decide to start your own online business, you need to decide what you are going to sell. At Botanie Soap, we sell white-labeled soap. That means that sellers purchase our soap, put their very own brand on Read more […]

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10 Ways to Sell An Extra Bar of Soap

So, you’ve ordered your own white-labeled Botanie Soap, designed especially with you in mind– now it’s time to sell the product! Selling the bulk of your product may not be the hardest part; sometimes, it’s the extras that can be left lingering! Luckily, Botanie soaps are long-lasting and if you’re left with a scant few bars after the busy holiday season, you may be wondering how to sell your extra inventory. Here are ten ways to sell an extra bar of soap to both new and returning customers Read more […]

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