Raise the (Shampoo) Bar: Eliminating Single-Use Plastic

You might not have noticed, but there’s a small revolution happening in the beauty and skincare industries:  it started with shampoo bars, but the ripples will soon be everywhere.   Naked Products At the center of the revolution is the need for the beauty and skincare industries to be more accountable for the waste they create — plastic bottles in particular. By one estimate, using a “naked” product like a shampoo bar, one that doesn’t come with a container, could …

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Botanie Office & Warehouse Vacation Week

Botanie Crew photo

Our warehouse will be closed from Monday, July 2nd through Friday, July 6th. Orders placed by Thursday, June 28th at midnight will ship before this holiday break. All orders placed after midnight on June 28th will ship when we return in the order they are received. Why do we take this week off? One of our Core Values is to “Be Creative and Stay Scrappy”. In order to maintain both our creativity and scrappiness our team needs to rejuvenate. Each and every day our awesome …

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Our New Website

Botanie Soap's new website

We hope you find our new website easy to use! We have put together the following tips to help you find what you’re looking for. All products – a list of all Botanie Soap’s products. If you are trying to find something you’ve ordered in the past, the ALL PRODUCTS page is where you can find it. Main and top navigation (header) Above you will see a screenshot of the top of the website with the main navigation (header). CUSTOM LABEL SOAP takes you to a page …

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Palm Oil – “Just Saying No” Isn’t Enough Anymore

Here’s the problem with America and palm oil. The disaster in Indonesia has been out of sight for so long, we’re years behind as a country and a culture. We’re still at the point where “Just Saying No” to palm oil is perceived as a principled position. It’s not. The Dangers of Being Righteous From Afar More than one of our customers has been criticized, recently, for using palm oil in their soaps. They use it, of course, because we do. But then, we’ve also heard from people …

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What’s All This About Coconut Oil?

These days, when it comes to coconut oil, all this is quite a lot. It might not be Starbucks, but coconut oil  is everywhere enough that it’s developed its own backlash. Missing the Point The problem with backlashes is – for the sake of a snappy headline and a hip take on cultural trends – they miss the point of trends. They miss seeing that the popularity of coconut oil coincides with a general cultural reassessment of traditional food and diet beliefs. As high …

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