Plastic-Free Soap: Sustainable Alternatives for Clean Hands and Healthy Planet

plastic-free soap

You are not alone if you are looking for plastic-free soap to make your personal care routine more sustainable. Today, more and more people are becoming more conscious of the adverse impact of plastic on our planet and looking for eco-friendly solutions to reduce plastic in their daily lives.

It’s not always easy because conventional hand soaps often come in plastic bottles with a lifespan as short as the time it takes for you to finish them. They lure you in by creating scents you may want to buy repeatedly. That quickly adds up to a lot of plastic bottles that are highly likely to be sent to landfills, causing severe environmental damage.

Although recycling your plastic liquid soap bottles after use is a notable effort, it’s far from a perfect solution to solve the problem since plastic is only recycled 4-5% of the time. Additionally, conventional liquid soaps often contain harsh chemicals that can potentially pollute waterways.

Fortunately, hand soap doesn’t need to come with much plastic waste and a risk of water pollution. Read on to learn about sustainable alternatives allowing you to care for your body and the planet.

Plastic-Free Soap: What Are Your Options?

Bar soap is considered the most sustainable option because it uses 30% less water than liquid soap. The packaging for conventional bar soap is highly likely to be plastic-free. It generally comes in paper or cardboard packaging, which can be broken down much easier than plastic containers. But sometimes, soap bars are wrapped in paper with plastic film, which isn’t recyclable.

Liquid hand soap is typically packaged in a plastic dispenser bottle designed to be used only once and is hard to recycle. However, there’s an eco-friendly option of buying bulk liquid soap refills. You can buy your glass bottle dispenser and fill it up with bulk liquid soap manufactured by a sustainable brand instead of buying new plastic soap bottles each time.

We all love soaps and body washes that smell good. Still, many commercially manufactured personal care products are scented with artificial fragrances and can be packed with harmful sulfates and parabens. That’s why you should look for scents derived from natural essential oils such as lavender, peppermint, lemongrass, or sage.

Botanie Soap makes all-natural liquid soaps suitable for all skin types and ages. Explore our collections of castile soap and foaming soaps made from premium plant oils and scented with natural essential oils and plant extracts.

Our liquid soaps smell fantastic and will keep you squeaky clean. Chances are you have already bought and used our products because many well-known skin-care brands outsource soap manufacturing to us. You can buy liquid soap in bulk and save money on our website.

Why Switch to Soap Refill

If you want to go plastic-free, switching to refill soap options that don’t contain sulfates, synthetic fragrances, and added preservatives is a perfect way to maintain an eco-friendly lifestyle. Buying liquid soap in bulk also minimizes single-use plastic and keeps our environment cleaner.

You can just buy one reusable bottle for your soap and refill it as needed, saving on plastic packaging waste. Although it won’t solve the global plastic pollution problem, every little action and positive change we make to reduce single-use plastic makes a difference, helping the environment.

If you are not a fan of soap bars, liquid hand soap that you can buy in bulk on our website is a great sustainable alternative to disposable bottles of soap, which you throw away when empty. We love our planet and are concerned about the impact we make. That’s why we are committed to using only natural ingredients, which all have EWG ratings in the green zone.

You can buy our foaming hand soap made with 81% organic foaming base starting from 1 gallon or order it in 5-gallon buckets, which means less waste in packaging. You can go for an unscented variety if you prefer simple, authentic soap or choose from a variety of scent blends.

  • Citrus lavender foaming soap is scented with orange, tangerine, and lavandin essential oils and provides a perfectly sweet citrusy blend.
  • Lemongrass tea foaming soap offers a complex scent with essential lemongrass, bergamot, patchouli, rosemary, lime, and sage oils.
  • Lavender foaming soap is scented with pure lavender and lavandin essential oils, providing a perfectly calming experience.

Going plastic-free doesn’t mean sacrificing quality if you buy soaps and other personal care products made with organic ingredients and natural scents that are better for your skin and safe for the environment.

Swapping your conventional hand soap packed in plastic bottles for a more sustainable alternative will allow you to limit the amount of plastic disposables in your home and live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. This way, you can minimize your environmental impact and protect our planet for future generations.

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