Why You Should Add Seasonal Products to Your Online Store

seasonal products

At Botanie Soap, our products are very consistent and allow for our white-label customers to customize their product offerings in a way that complements their brand. One of our most popular products, however, is a seasonal scent – pumpkin spice! Our white-label customers love our pumpkin spice soap because it allows them to add a seasonal option to their product offerings just in time for the holiday season. Offering a specialty product, such as a seasonal flavor, scent or color, for a limited time can increase your sales drastically. Here are five reasons you should add a seasonal product to your online store.

Seasonal Products are Exciting for Your Existing Customers

Chances are, your loyal, existing customers know all about the products you currently offer. They repeatedly order their favorites and recommend their top choices to their friends. Offering a special, seasonal product will allow them to try and fall in love with something new from your company, strengthening their brand loyalty and heightening their excitement for your products.

Seasonal Products Attract New Customers

It can be hard to catch the eye of a consumer who is searching for new products to buy. Offering a limited-time, seasonal product will catch the eye of potential customers and encourage them to make a purchase while they still can. Once they try, and love, your seasonal product they are likely to purchase from you year-round.

Seasonal Products are Perfect for Gifting

During the holiday season, everyone is searching for unique, thoughtful gifts for the people on their list. Offering high-quality, seasonal items is the perfect way to encourage customers to purchase their gifts from you. From stocking stuffers to large gift packages, seasonal products like our pumpkin spice soap are unique and timely gifts.

Seasonal Products Encourage Additional Purchases

As mentioned above, your loyal, existing customers already purchase their favorite items from your store. Offering a seasonal, limited-time product will encourage them to add something new to their carts on top of what they already intend to purchase. Seasonal products also encourage customers to purchase in bulk. Once they come to love your seasonal products, customers will stock up knowing they can only purchase them for a limited-time.

Seasonal Products Enhance Your Brand


Offering seasonal products adds a personal touch to your brand and makes your company feel active as your available products evolve throughout the year. Becoming a company that customers get excited about can be difficult and take a long time, but offering products that are only available for a limited time of the year will grab the attention of your customers. Their brand loyalty will increase as they continue to check back for new products. Seasonal products also allow you to step outside of your typical brand personality. For example, if you sell Botanie Soap and typically sell some of our very femenine, floral scents, giving pumpkin spice a seasonal spot on your shelves allows you to try a warmer, spicier scent for a limited time without completely changing your product line.

Marketing Your Seasonal Products

Whether you are hoping to excite your existing clients, sell more products, or enhance your brand, selling a seasonal product is a great way to achieve all of these goals. Just posting a seasonal product to your online store is probably not enough, however, to make a big impact. It is important to package and market these products in a unique way in order for them to serve their purpose. Consider trying new and unique, yet on-brand packaging, fun social media posts and seasonal partnerships to really make an impact with your seasonal products.

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