Four Simple Ways to Package Your Soap

four ways to package soap

Making your own bar soap – or making a purchase from us – can be a great first step into the world of organic soap. But it’s only the first. The next step is deciding how to package and present your soaps. This can be an intimidating step, with so many possibilities out there, many of them requiring skills not everyone has. But it doesn’t have to be intimidating. There are helpful videos and tutorials on the web, and to get you started, we have four simple, eye-catching suggestions to consider.


Boxes are an easy, readily accessible way to protect and package your soaps, and if you purchase them from a trusted source, they’re a great way to use both recycled and recyclable materials. Boxes give you space for your own labels, front or back, as well as space for ingredient labels. Simple. Protective. Versatile. Three characteristics that might be just what you looking for. You can find examples of brown and white boxes here.

Belly Bands

Belly Bands (or cigar bands) are strips of paper that form a sleeve for wrapping soap bars, leaving part of each bar exposed. Belly bands can vary in width and the weight of paper, and can be wrapped around your soaps length-wise or width-wise. Paper and ink is all you need to complete your packaging. Apply your logo or design, then print and cut the strips to size. Wrap your bars using tape or a sticker in the back to hold it all together, and you’re done, a stylish and economical presentation.

belly band

Paper Wrapping

Paper Wrapping, using wax, parchment, or tissue paper, is another option, particularly if you’re looking for a personal, gift-like approach to packaging. The idea is to treat your soap like a present – wrapping it in paper you’ve cut to size, then finishing it off with ribbon, a label, or a sticker to hold things together. This approach can be more time-consuming, but the act of wrapping itself is an elegant touch, and if you choose transparency in your paper, still a great way to let people see what you’re selling.

Shrink Wrapping

Shrink Wrapping your bars is another way to protect them while showing them off. Shrink wrap bags (or bands) are available online. The handiest bags have an opening for you to insert the soap. Then you apply heat. Hair dryers can work, but a heat gun will most likely provide a more consistent professional finish. Heat tunnels can be used for large-scale wrapping, but they can cost into the thousands of dollars. Once your bars are snugly wrapped, they’re ready to be dressed up however you choose.

shrink wrap

It’s true there can seem to be endless possibilities for packaging your soap. We hope we’ve helped narrow some of those down, and perhaps given you ideas of your own. In the end, that’s the most important thing, for you to find a style that expresses who you are and a presentation that gives your soap a look that’s uniquely yours.

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