What Do We Mean By “All Natural Soap”?

Organic soapNatural soap means all ingredients are derived from plants. That’s the standard we use when calling our own soap “all natural.”

We also define our soap as herbal, and in defining what natural soap is, we also define what it’s not. It’s definitely not what the body-care industry calls “natural” on the labels of products containing synthetic fragrances, synthetic colorants, and synthetic preservatives.

It’s no surprise, though, that “natural” is one of the most deceptively used terms in product marketing. It might be a surprise to find out how effective the deception still is, despite not being much of a secret.

Spa Essential Oil. Aromatherapy.Compared to What’s on the Shelves
Most of the soap you see on the shelf isn’t natural. Most of it’s not even soap. But there are lots of good, true soapmakers, committed to all natural products. And most follow a similar process to ours.

  • Our base mix is made with 100% certified organic oils.
  • Our soap is scented with essential oils.
  • It’s colored with organic herbs and plant extracts.
  • We add no artificial substances to our soaps.
  • Whenever possible, we use organically grown products.

closeup of shea butter and shea nutsTake a look at our ingredients list to see what we mean by “natural soap.” Then compare our ingredients to a cleansing bar on the shelves, or to any of number of liquid soaps. Trust us on what would happen if you followed through and used them both. Your skin would know the difference.

Selective Chemistry
The problem with wading through skincare marketing and labeling is that cosmetic-industry chemistry is selective and, frequently, far-fetched. No one would actually claim that adding just a bit of natural ingredients to a fragrance or a product changes the synthetic nature of all other ingredients. Nor would they claim that “contains essential oils” means all other scent ingredients become more natural.

natural coconut walnut oilAnd yet, those are the premises behind commercial skincare marketing. In fact, it’s the true magic of marketing to make the ridiculous attainable. By splashing “Paraben-Free” or “Contains Shea Butter” on product labels, perceptions of products are changed. And manufacturers get to leave the banned list and join the good guys fighting for a healthier world. The lesson to be learned from this type of marketing is, if you want to make impossible, deceptive claims, don’t make them directly.

How It Works
Marketing is never intended to work on a rational level. Its intention is irrational, to trigger emotional responses that would never pass the reason test. It’s why there are commercials connecting overall quality of life to the brand of salad dressing you buy.

The key to navigating skincare marketing is to familiarize yourself with what a truly natural soap is, and then use that as your standard. Lucky for you, you’re only a click away from what you need. See our soap ingredients here.

2 thoughts on “What Do We Mean By “All Natural Soap”?

  1. Wish you would mention the use of lard and tallow. Using those ingredients is just as “natural” as the ingredients you mentioned. I am a contracted python removal agent in south florida. I am also a soap maker of 6 years now. I have been using the rendered fat from the pythons i catch in my soap recipes and it has made my recipes so much better than an all plant based soap. Just a FYI pythons are invasive here and destroying our beautiful Everglades. Im just doing all i can to utilize them and turn a negative into a positive.

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