Soap and Ingredients

Best Soaps for Skin Care

Best Soaps for Skin Care

Did you know that our bar soap isn’t just for your hands? From body wash to shampoo, or even skin care, Botanie has the best soap for your brand.
Best Botanie Soap Scents to Gift this Holiday Season

Best Botanie Soap Scents to Gift this Holiday Season

At Botanie Soap, the scents we sell allow you to make choices on which ones fit best with your brand. This variety also allows you to keep things fresh for your customers as you rotate scents or introduce new products.
soap samples

All About Sample Sets

Investing in larger quantities of our wholesale, bulk soap can be intimidating for the first time customer. Having questions or doubt about purchasing a product in bulk is completely normal! 
summer scents

Popular Scents of Summer

Now is the perfect time to highlight our most popular scents during the summer and early fall months.
can vegans use our soap

Can Vegans Use Our Soap?

From the fixed oils in our bases to the herbs, clays and essential oils used for scent and color, we maintain strict plant-based, cruelty-free standards.