Soap Making Supplies

Botanie Soap has all of the natural soap making supplies required to make your soap. Essential oils, soap making lye, soap making tools and equipment including soap molds. Or just make it easy on yourself and order a pre-measured soap making kit... we have included all the ingredients you need.

soap making tools
Soap Making Tools & Equipment

We're soap makers too! And we know just what you need.

Essential Oils
Essential Oils

Scent your soap with essential oils to give it a naturally beautiful aroma! No synthetic fragrances here.

Herbs & Dry

Add striking, elegant colors to your soap. Choose from organic herbs and other natural soap pigments. No synthetic dyes here.

Soap Making Lye

Can't make soap without lye. We have sodium hydroxide for bars and potassium hydroxide for liquid soap.

Fixed Oils
Fixed/Carrier Oils

Our fixed, carrier oils are USDA certified organic and provide that desired thick and nutritious lather!


Try adding some extra moisturizing properties with these amazing butters!


Extend the shelf life of your natural products with these preservatives.

Soap Making Blends
Cold Process
Soap Bases

Perfectly formulated oil bases to
make your own cold-process soap.
100% organic oils.

Bulk Liquid Soap Base
Bulk Liquid
Soap Base

Buy in bulk and scent it yourself
Sizes from 1 gallon to drums.
Price breaks with quantity.

Soap Making Kits
Soap Making Kits

Get a pre-measured soap making kit and start making your own cold-process soap at home!